Rilasciato Todolist 4.6.1

# 4.6.1 (25 Jan 2006)

  • fix for ‘random crash on shutdown’ bug
  • fix for incorrectly formatted urls in comments field on multibyte language systems

# 4.6 Feature Release (20 Feb 2006)

  • A Filter Dialog has been added so that you can keep the filter bar hidden if you wish to reclaim the screen space.
  • You can now export your current registry preferences to an .ini file and/or import .ini files either to the registry or to your current ini file.
  • New ‘Risk’ and ‘External ID’ Attributes added
  • A new switch has been added (-cm) for setting the comments on a new task. Only works in conjunction with the -nt switch.
  • Printing from the File menu now previews before printing.
  • ‘Last Modified’ has been added to both the tasklist and Find Tasks dialog.
  • A button has been added to the Find Tasks toolbar to enable searching on the current result set. The button state is reset when the dialog is closed.
  • Repeatedly pressing the global hotkey combination will now toggle ToDoList’s visibility.
  • A command has been added to the tray context menu to display the day’s due tasks
  • fixed ‘bug’ where keyboard shortcuts would be reinstated after having been removed.
  • fixed ‘bug’ with non-printable characters causing TDL to be unable to reload tasklist.
  • time estimate/spent fields are now correctly localized
  • vast improvement in sort speed
  • new tasklists are now unsorted by default
  • UI font changed to Tahoma


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