PING – Remote Installation Manager (RIS)

PING ( Partimage Is Not Ghost ), è una distribuzione Live di Linux dedicata al RIS.

Tra le principali caratteristiche:

  • Backup and Restore partitions or files to a MS Network Shared directory;
  • Backup and Restore the BIOS data as well;
  • Either burn a bootable CD / DVD, either integrate within a PXE / RIS environment;
  • Possibility to Blank local admin’s password;
  • Create your own restoration bootable DVD (see the Howto Documentation);
  • Partition and Format a disk before installing Windows (so to make sure your unattended Windows installation will happen on the right partition);
  • Specific advantages Linux brings you over DOS and Ghost :
    • Most network cards automatically recognized by the Kernel (unlike DOS);
    • Most CD/DVD readers automatically recognized by the Kernel (unlike DOS);
    • You don’t have to run a Ghostcast server to receive images over the network.



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